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Gorgona Hotel &
Marilena Apartments
Rousoum Gialos, Alonissos
Pelagos Villas
Agios Dimitrios, Alonissos

ΜΗΤΕ (Gorgona Hotel)
0726Κ012Α0172900 και
ΜΗΤΕ (Marilena Apartments)
ΜΗΤΕ(Pelagos Villas)
0756Κ91000409801 και

Manager: Kastanis Dimitrios

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Athens: 2108317153, 2104199000
Agios Konstantinos: 2235031614, 2235031920
Volos: 2421023400, 2421031059
Thessaloniki: 2310513005
Skiathos: 2427022204
Skopelos: 2424023055, 2424022767
Alonissos: 2424066000
Skiathos Airport: 2427022049
Alonissos Port: 2424065595